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It’d be nice to begin this with a roofing joke, but most times things like this can go over heads. Welcome to Art Roof Design, the one place where what’s over your head is the top priority.

Roofing is one of the most important parts of your property—mostly likely right next to the foundation of the building.

So, if you want to keep your piece of real estate rock-solid and well pieced together for years and years, you need a professional roofing services provider by your side and on the auto-dial.

  • Liability and Full Coverage Insurance
  • Free Estimate
  • Green and Authorize Material
  • Work With Most Insurance Companies
  • Unique and Special Roof Paints
  • Replace and Repair Roof Decking
  • Metal Roof and Shingle Roof
  • Variety of Different Colors
  • New and Unique Service
  • Painting and Drawing ie:
    Flags, Icons, Numbers, etc…
  • Multiple Payment Options

About Us

Art Roof Design is a roofing solutions specialist with several years of experience in the field. We are quite intimate with the art of installing, repairing, maintaining, or replacing the topmost layer of your property. Our team comprises highly experienced roofers and building technicians, all of whom are well-trained to offer you roofing services.

Whether it is a house in the suburbs or a business in the city center, we will always come to help you solve your roofing challenges at any time. We come with a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of the local roofing markets of this region. Having been around for almost a decade, we know the ins and outs of roofing a house anywhere in the country.

Art Roof Design is a fully licensed outfit. That means our company has the green light from the necessary authorities, having met the requirements needed to proffer roofing solutions. Rather than doing business with that handyman from downtown, it’s best to stick with the professionals. That way, you will not only be charged more fairly, but also be given value for your money.

No matter the size of your house—or roofing project—our all-inclusive team is capable of completing what’s needed in a timely, orderly and effective fashion. Art Roof Design is heavily geared to provide you a roofing solution that is robust, durable, suited to your building, and equally pleasing to the eye. Our work will add a curb appeal to your property and give you that much-deserved rest of mind.

Our roofers are knowledgeable and experienced enough to handle your project without fuss. We will provide the materials for the task and deliver unparalleled workmanship. Our workers synergize and leverage the company’s resources to complete your roofing project on time and within the set budget.

Art Roof Design does not only strive to meet your expectations but also works hard to exceed them. They never compromise the quality of the work and always abide by the highest safety standards and approaches. That is why we are one of the most sought-after roofing services providers in town. You can put your faith in us for your residential or commercial roof.

We are very mobile, transparent, and honest with the way we work. We do not surprise you with fees, overcharge you or cut corners on your job. Everything we do, we do professionally and religiously. All you have to do is give us a call, tell us what the situation is and we get instantly on track. Like easy peasy, we get your roof looking breezy in a jiffy.

Honestly, Art Roof Design is the complete package. We put a sense of art and style into everything we do so we can give your roofing a befitting outlook. Our team is inspired by some of the best roofing designs in the world. They are also responsible for some of the most artistic roofing projects in town. Your roof couldn’t be in better hands.

We look forward to being on your roof (funny as it may sound). Do reach out as soon as possible!

What Do We Do ?

Art Roof Design is a full-stack roofing solutions provider that does it locally but by global standards. You can hire us in the following capacities:

Emergency Roofing

Emergency Roof Repair

Did that unforgiving weather of last night do a number on your roof? Perhaps you woke up to funny noises up in there and now you are getting worried. It can be awful for such things to happen overnight, but they need to be fixed before they turn into full-blown problems. One way to do this is by calling an emergency roofing service provider. Art Roof Design provides immediate assistance with all problems associated with the roof of your property. Regardless of the type of problem you are facing, our responsive team will arrive on-site promptly and fix it pronto. You won’t have to spend one more night worrying the Wizard of Oz will broom-stick into your bedroom because a part of your roofing is open.
Emergency Roof Repair

Roof Leak Repair

Roof Leak Repair

Leaks are one the easiest ways for your property to be weakened, dampened, or even flooded. When there is an opening or a bust-up there, it basically becomes a no-ticket channel into different parts of your home—even your fuse box. As you’ve already seen, a neglected roof leak is a disaster just waiting to happen. All that doesn’t have to happen when you know Art Roof Design. We are a compact team of roofing experts, and the easiest task you can give us is repairing your roof leak, We have been working with homeowners and business managers all over town for the past couple of years—and we’ve been leaving them satisfied. We don’t just plug in leaks; we make them disappear.
Roof Leak Repair

Roofing Repair

Roof Repair

Maybe your roof has never had a leaking problem. But there’s a problem anyways. Your shingles are meant to last forever, no matter how durable it is designed—or advertised to be, With time, it will begin to develop issues like broken gutters, crates of critters, and a mass of moss. All these alien agents working together can eventually peel the integrity off your roofing. Once you start noticing some unusualities and commas in your roofing, you—plus your property—are better off hiring Art Roof Design. We will come to diagnose the situation and proffer the most effective solutions. There’s no roofing problem we can’t solve, except all parties see reasons to settle for a complete replacement.
Roofing Repair

Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

Speaking of which; if your roof is old, rickety, and bombarded by the natural elements, Art Roof Design can also help you install a replacement. Regardless of the type of building you live or work in, our professional roofers are sure to fix that property up with new roofing that makes a bold statement. They work within your budget and offer value on every dollar. When you hire us to replace your roof, we will take care of everything. From sourcing the right materials to honoring the building code of your area, we rid you of all the hassle and present you only a newly roofed property. Our roofers are some of the best in the country, and they have an abundance of physical and non-physical resources to help you out the right way.
Roof Replacement

We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have any questions to ask about roofing or roofing services, feel free to call us at (972) 665-6565. We will be happy to answer them, no matter how many. If you want to write down your requests for a roofing job, you can send them to us via [email protected]. We will be with you in a matter of minutes.

Skylight Installation

Skylight Installation

Not everyone is a fan of lightbulbs or phone torches all the darn time. Getting bright sunlight directly into your living space is a way to connect with Mother Nature. Besides, if you are getting light from the sun or moon, it means you won’t be consuming electricity. It’s only a matter of time before those numbers on your energy bills take a deep bow. Art Roof Design has a certain fling for skylights; we enjoy installing them. Our clients keep telling stories about how we invited priceless light into their homes at a low price. With quality and well-installed skylights in many residences across town, we have come to understand the best way to sky-light your home expeditiously.
Skylight Installation

Roofing Maintenance

Roofing Maintenance

Having a roof over your head is one thing; making sure it stays over your head is another. The weather of your region may (fortunately) not be boisterous enough to peel your roofing over time. Nevertheless, with time, weather activities and the natural elements cause different problems for your roofing. You have two choices; repair your roof regularly for bigger costs or maintain it regularly for a smaller fee. Art Roof Design makes roofing maintenance as easy and as affordable as possible. We have different plans from which you can choose. We can also help you determine which maintenance or servicing routine is best suited to your property and the roofing type. We focus on quality services from start until finish. Maintenance is basically the most effective hack against damage—and, of course, the needed repair.
Roofing Maintenance

Hail Damage Repair

Hail Damage Repair

When your roofing is swamped with dents and dings—especially in the gutters and downspouts—there is every chance the entire system is at risk of structural assault. The gutters will remain brim-full and cause clogging. This is often caused because your shingles have shed some skin, after some hitting from hail. When this happens, we call it hail damage. Are some pieces of asphalt missing from your roof? Is there a lot of bruising around the shingles? Does it look like cracks are overtaking things up there? Say no more, pull out your phone and dial us at (214) 205-1169. We are always on the other side of the call, waiting to serve you. We will repair that hail damage without using a Hail Mary.
Hail Damage Repair

Why Choose Us?

Art Roof Design is obviously not the only roofing solutions provider you can work with. But, some things separate us from the crowd, from the competition. Now, here’s why you should choose us for that roofing project:


It pays to work with a craftsman or contractor with the relevant paperwork. With the reach of formalization in today's markets, it is fast becoming a thing of the past to work with faceless service providers. One of the ways you know we mean business is our proper licensing. That means we are qualified to offer you roofing services anytime and anywhere. Because we are recognized and green-lit by the appropriate authorities, it is our responsibility to bring quality to the local level. So when you come to your residence or place of business to work, rest assured you are working with a professional and integrous business. It’s our job to be experts; that way, your roof can be flawless.

Honest Pricing

There is nothing worse than realizing you were overcharged for a transaction you made. In the roofing industry, ridiculously high prices are a commonality. If you’re not careful, you would get charged thrice the amount that service is worth in the market. When you work with Art Roof Design, you get one of the lowest rates on the market—as affordable as it gets. We will take the time and effort to fully understand your challenge and what is needed to turn the situation around. Then, we will prepare you a clear-cut quote which you are free to compare with the estimates of our competitors. Because of our pocket-friendly overhead, we most certainly won’t be an expensive means to keep your roofing solid and efficient Because we are recognized and green-lit by the appropriate authorities, it is our responsibility to bring quality to the local level. So when you come to your residence or place of business to work, rest assured you are working with a professional and integrous business. It’s our job to be experts; that way, your roof can be flawless.


Not all the roofing solutions providers that are licensed are certified (and vice versa?) What difference does it make? Being certified as a roofing service renderer means there is constant training attached to it. At Art Roof Design, all our workers are trained regularly and provided with the relevant information to make their work easier and more effective. We are close friends with local and nation roofing material manufacturers, from who we take huge bytes virtually all the time. We train with them from time and time and are updated on the recent modifications or upgrades to their products. With certifications from these organizations—as well as industry bodies—quality is a constant.

Contact Us

Whether you want a repair, replacement, or maintenance program for your roofing, Ar Roof Design is the most reliable service provider on the block. Not only do we know around town, but can also help you get out-of-town solutions seamlessly and affordably.

If you’ve got some questions to ask about our services: