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Roofing Repair

Roofing Repair

Maybe your roof has never had a leaking problem. But there’s a problem anyways. Your shingles are meant to last forever, no matter how durable it is designed—or advertised to be.

With time, it will begin to develop issues like broken gutters, crates of critters, and a mass of moss. All these alien agents working together can eventually peel the integrity off your roofing.

Once you start noticing some unusualities and commas in your roofing, you—plus your property—are better off hiring Art Roof Design. We will come to diagnose the situation and proffer the most effective solutions.

There’s no roofing problem we can’t solve, except all parties see reasons to settle for a complete replacement.

Damaged Shingles

Is a part of your shingle missing? Perhaps it was a hail storm over the weekend you spent at your parent’s place. Well, it is strongly recommended that you replace the entire ripped-out part with immediate effects.

When shingles are not assembled carefully and correctly, they will find it hard to stay in place. If they are not securely nailed on the edges of the property, falling off when the wind touches them is the easiest thing that can happen.

Then, there’s extreme weather and its unforeseen havoc. Your shingles may be very tolerant to most weather conditions. But extremities like tornados, hail storms, and hurricanes won’t go out without leaving a fracas. Sometimes, your shingles are part of the collateral damage.

Even high winds can pressure-blow off the metal flashing and leave the roof exposed and vulnerable. Art Roof Design will not just repair those damaged shingles but also help you create the perfect ventilation system for wind-based pressure to pass through your roof without causing harm.

Rotten Fascia Boards & Soffit

Fascia boards, soffits, and gutters form a system that enables water to constantly flow off the top of your roof. Weather conditions duly considered, that system—as well as its components—won’t be able to perform if they are undermaintained or not taken care of at all.

Unperforming fascia boards, soffits, and gutters are prone to damage and likely to lead to more roofing issues. Water, ice, or an alien buildup can disrupt these components, all of which will risk detachment from the roofing system.

But before they fall off, they rot. When they’re rotting, there is still a chance to save the situation and the entire roof. Call Art Roof Design to help repair these problems. Our troubleshooting methods allow us to repair these components the right way.

If your fascia, soffit, or gutter just started to rot, we can apply a special coating that will keep the problem from developing. If there is significant rot—especially the one that can spread to other parts of your roof—we’d have to completely replace those parts.

Tears And Punctures

No matter how strong your roof is, there is something that can tear or puncture it—in the future, that is. Although, this problem is most common with flat roofs. When any of these happen, there’s definitely going to be minor or major damages to your roofing structure.

Should the materials used for your roofing be of poor quality, there is every chance puncture, tears and other kinds of penetration are going to happen often. Whether this is the case or not, you can always fight off that problem with solutions from Art Roof Design.

Such damages need to be repaired immediately because they can have a long-lasting impact on your roof if they are left to thrive.