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Skylight Installation

Skylight Installation

Not everyone is a fan of lightbulbs or phone torches all the darn time. Getting bright sunlight directly into your living space is a way to connect with Mother Nature.

Besides, if you are getting light from the sun or moon, it means you won’t be consuming electricity. It’s only a matter of time before those numbers on your energy bills take a deep bow.

Art Roof Design has a certain fling for skylights; we enjoy installing them. Our clients keep telling stories about how we invited priceless light into their homes at a low price.

With quality and well-installed skylights in many residences across town, we have come to understand the best way to sky-light your home expeditiously.

Light Up Your Home

Looking to carve a skylight into your roof? We can help you find the best solution for your money. You will not only be able to light your living space with that nature-given sunlight, but also be enabled to easily vent your roof by allowing outside air in.

When you go for a modern skylight, you will enjoy the benefits of natural light, home ventilation, and solar heating—all at the same time. Art Roof Design’s staff are experts when it comes to home improvement. All our skylights are rightly sourced and correctly installed to serve you timelessly.

You can’t sky-light your home all by yourself. This isn’t one of those tasks anyone can just DIY and get superb results. We know skylight materials better than most roofing companies around, and we know the best way to install them on your roof or property type. We really do our best to let that light through—heat-free.

Skylight Repair

Art Roof Design knows skylights enough to repair them. We go all in to make sure you have access to a full-range skylight service at an affordable price. Just as we install, we can repair as well as maintain your skylight, all in a bid to offer you complete value.

According to an old maxim that says all skylights must leak. For as much as we know, that isn’t false. Older skylights that weren’t correctly installed or maintained on the best basis suffer this problem. If you have a leaking problem with your skylight, immediate action is advised.

Professionals at Art Roof Design can repair your leaking skylight. If it was damaged by a rock, bad weather, a big chunk of downpouring ice, or virtually anything else, we can also help you repair them. We have the materials, we have the technician know-how, and we have a great track record.

Most skylight issues are harbingered by the flashing around the opening which allows moisture to enter your roof. If you notice even a slight issue with your skylight, Art Roof Design needs to inspect it as soon as possible

Hire Us

Art Roof Design is an affordable way to sky-light your home and keep it lit without issues. Our roofers and skylight specialists are committed to giving you the best skylight installation—and repair.

We look forward to sky-lighting your home!